How Usability plays a key role in User Interface Design?

Many of the developers still believe that Usability is the key point in making a great User Interface. They also strive to achieve it ,but they are not aware of the techniques and methods to achieve it. Lets have a look ,How a great Usability can be achieved?. There are tonnes of ways to achieve it ,different people uses different ways to sort it out.Following are the cumulated techniques by me to  increase the usability of your product. Seriously it really work guys!

  • Simple and Natural Language  

The dialogues between the user and computer/app should be natural, it doesn’t mean that language should be in natural language of computer . It should be natural language of user.Make the conversation simple.

  • Speak User’s Language

It is better to use user’s language  while communicating ,users may be from different trades for example medical, engineering, arts etc. Its better to use medical language if the users are from the medical trade and it will help them to hit the target quickly. The language should be from User’s area of expertise and not your area of expertise.

  • Minimize Memory Load

Peoples never remember anything but computers do. We have tendency of making user to remember the things rather than the computer.  Stop predicting on the memory of user and work on how to minimize the memory load on user.

  • Use Constructive Error Messages 

The most annoying thing that happens when dealing with an app/software is the errors. The error messages should be readable. Let me explain in detail, I have found some error message in an application “#34db23 Error Occured“. As an user what does it means to me, nothing!.The user will look into it like a 4 year boy looking on some weird object. As an end user he wants to know why this error happened ? What  should he do next ?. For better Usability avoid hex codes in your error messages and your error message should answer why this happened and how to overcome it.


  • Support Recall

It is easier for human beings to recollect  something from before than to remember .  If there are a lot of choices for user make the user to pick from choices rather than filling out a text field.This help the user to recognise what he is looking for.

  • Make Clear Exits

Ensure that there is proper exits throughout your application.I have seen many people click on the back button  of the browser multiple times until they get to  their desired page. Creating Proper Exits make the flow of user quicker and they really love it!

  • Make Shortcuts

Most of the users use shortcuts, and are likely to learn shortcuts. Super users always know all the commands and shortcuts.Normal users don’t know all shortcuts, when they discover shortcuts they are ready to use them and gradually incorporate with what they do. This is one of the way to design user interface for broad spectrum of users. Most of the enterprise application needs this approach where shortcuts and command play an important role in reducing interaction time.

  • Give Feedback

Users never trust computers(your application),they have no faith in what they are doing. Always tell the users whats going on. Make feedback

-If an error occur what they will do(Error Messages).

-If they are on right track (Installation Success).

-How far you are in a Process.

-How many steps to finish.

  • Prevent Errors

What makes an user more angry? Errors. Error in the application lowers the credibility of your application. Probably once an error is encountered the chance of using the application by the same user is low. Therefore it is better to prevent errors than making constructive error messages . Anticipate the error chance area and make sure that error never happen.

  • Thrive for Consistency 

Users are not new into this digital world, many of them are familiar with many applications.They have used it and learned from it. Most of all make sure that ,what users learned from past also accepts in your interface. Don’t implement anything which may rise ambiguity.

Keeping these key points in mind go for a Design process and have a nice day!!😃