How Creative Design Workshops helps you to make better Design Decisions.

Most of the time client requirement is awkward ,they know nothing about their products, they simply says “Iwant an app”.They are unaware of design,domain,users etc . As an UX developer these are the key things I want to know, to sort out this problem Creative Design workshops are conducted. Lets look how a creative design workshop is conducted.

“I want an App”-Clients Usual product Description.

First of all Bring Stakeholders together.

Designers-They know how cool the design will be, and should be!  and are well aware of colours and various UI elements which enhance the product.

Domain Experts-Its really important to know the domain before starting, domain experts have deep knowledge of their domains and it  really helps.For example ,if you are developing a banking product, who else know better than a banking expert from banking field.

-Users-Users are really important, including users will give a clear idea what the users actually want?Most of the time some people keep digging in areas where the users are not interested.

-Developers-Developers can give a brief review about the technical feasibility of the different outcomes.They have an clear idea about how the task can be accomplished through programs actually code!

Set the Scene

Follow the steps to set the process

Purpose is to create design ideas.

-Put a timeframe of 3 to 4 hours.

-Make 2-3 groups of 3-4 peoples.Make sure you should mix profiles, each group having designer, domain expert, user, developer.

Materials ,as same as materials used for Christmas decoration. Material is really important, if we use computer or certain software the users who don’t know to use the application may feel inferior and they will not contribute.No drawing skill is required for this purpose.

No Drawing skill is required in this process!!

How It Works

-Start by outlining the project briefly ,the project description will cover the following

What are we making?

To Whom We are making the product, who are the targeted users.

Why we are making this product.The reason behind why we are making the product .What make       our product unique from rest of our competitors .

-Provide the necessary  knowledge of platform. Weather  the product is made for tablet, android,ios,web,expert system.

-Explain the Process

-Yet it is cutting and pasting old fashioned way it works.Make use of materials provided and make whatever design ideas you have got.

-Always focus on possibilities not limitations.

-Conclude by a small presentation .Each group is made to do a small presentations about their design and a questionnaire section is included.

Your Brief product description covers What you are making,To Whom & Why this product is made.

Why it Works

Everyone knows how to use the materials.

Since we are using common materials, everyone is familiar with using paper,cryons,scissors etc.

Pictures says more than a thousand words.

Pictures doesn’t need more explanation.A simple arrows helps us to know the workflow.

No computers, levelling playing field.

-Insight into others view of the field.

Benefiting  from others area of expertise.

Possibility of exploring alternatives.

Provides the designer with insight.

Support the visual imagination.

It is very concrete.

Pictures says more than a thousand words.

The ResultResult success

Design Ideas.

A much better design idea is flourished as a result of creative design workshop.

Potential Problem areas.

A clear idea about the potential problem area is found ,methods and design techniques to overcome this problem is in your hand.

Better understanding of the domain.

Interaction with domain expert results in better understanding of the domain.

High engagement from all parties.

Since it is a game like thing, engagement from all parties can be ensured.It is really fun to sketch and discuss ,we all love it.

Shared ownership of the solution.

Teamwork is appreciated and shared ownership of solution get rid of a lot of politics.Everybody succeeds and all are happy about it!

At the end of a Creative Design Workshop you will have a clear idea about your products and possibilities which helps to result in an awesome product 😃😃😃👍